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Welcome To This Area In Cyber Heaven
Dedicated To Our Son MATT

matt, his uncle Brain, and nephew Victor with his first deer

This is a picture of Matt, his uncle Brian, and nephew Victor with Matt's first deer. He was so proud!!!

My dearest Son,
It doesn't seem possible but spring is here.
This was always your favorite time of year.
When the robins fly back north, the grass turns green,
everything sings of new life.
Yet here I am trying to go on with out you,
my baby, my buddy.
I miss you so much.
I think I have cried new rivers of tears.
I know that you didn't mean for me to hurt this much,
you couldn't see beyond your own pain,
how I wish I had known how much you were hurting.
I would have done anything to help you, honey,
I hope you know that.
I also pray you are happy now and free.
We will be together again some day.
As I sit here and reflect back on the good times we shared,
in your short 17 years, it does bring a smile to my face.
Like the time you threw a rock at Melissa,
and then told me it was her fault as she ran into the rock.
Or how excited you were when you shot your first deer.
Uncle Brian has your antlers hanging in his living room, right by his. It looks so nice there.
Your first day of school when I was so upset because all the other kids were crying for their mamas,
and you just went off and played.
You were always independent that way.
Oh how I wish we could go back to those happier times.
Know that you are loved dearly my son.
I think of you constantly.

Matt's junior year picture taken one month before he passed on


Matt's sophomore picture

Matt 10th Grade

Matt Easter 1990

Matt, Heidi, Melissa and Mom (Vicki), Easter Sunday 1990, right after moving back to Iowa.

Matt in June of 2000 holding his brand new little niece, Breanna


Our last family picture taken with Matt June 26, 1999 at his siters Heidi's wedding.

Last Family Pic